2011 Lowell Folk Festival

The Lowell Folk Festival is one of those summer events I miss not living in Massachusetts. Growing up, I used to head to the Lowell Folk Festival every year. Since I’ve moved to the Washington, DC area, I’ve only gotten a chance to go a few times. Luckily this year I was already back in Massachusetts for a family event the same weekend. Unlike in the past, I went twice over multiple days, Friday and Sunday.

I took all of my photos on Sunday. I really wanted to capture the traditional Cambodian dance troupe that performed Sunday afternoon. Great summer weather welcomed the dance troupe, high 80’s with a little bit of humidity. The crowd started to fill up the lawn seating in front of the stage shortly after the performance started. The costumes had a similar colorful look to traditional Indian costumes. Of course the purpose of the dance is to tell a story. From what I gather this dance involved a monkey general and his army.

Despite the large crowd, I was able to manuever my way to near the front of the stage to take photos. I had difficulty trying to keep other nearby photographers from being in my photos. Everyone was jostling to get a good close-up photo of the performers.

Here are some of the better photos I took of the Cambodian dance troupe:





Shortly after, I headed over to another stage down the street to see an Indian music ensemble that featured the music and dance of the Rajasthan region of India. It was a smaller stage with fewer people, making it easier for me to find a spot in front to take pictures.

The highlight of the performance was the dancer balancing several cermanic pots on her head:



Here is the musical ensemble that provided the soundtrack to her dancing:




For the rest of my photos of the 2011 Lowell Folk Festival, check out my Flickr set here.

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