A sweet time at the Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie Festival

It’s been a while since I last posted here. I’ve been devoting a big chunk of my free time looking for a new job in Boston. Not to say the least I’ve been living in McLean, Virginia the past three months where I feel like I’m in exile. McLean is a nice town, but very boring. I tend not to venture into DC from McLean on the weekends too often because it is such a hassle.

One of the times I did venture into DC was for the Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie Festival held the first weekend of October. The local music festival was held once before the past spring, with a great turnout. The organizers sought to duplicate the success and hold the festival again in the fall. The STPP festival venues were bars and restaurants in DC’s U Street  and Logan Circle neighborhoods.

I headed first to the venue my friend Brian Franke was playing, a Caribou Coffee on 14th St in Logan Circle. It was a great setting for my friend’s music, relaxed atmosphere on a Saturday afternoon in a coffee shop. I was ready to take some photos but my camera battery was completely dead. Lesson here is always check and make sure your camera battery is fully charged before heading out to take photos. By the time I got the battery fully charged, Brian’s set was over. I did get some photos of the person who played after him, René Moffatt, so it didn’t feel like a total loss.

Here’s some of René Moffatt during his set:



These photos I took needed a good amount of retouching. They had the common problem when taking pictures indoors and it’s bright outside, the subject is underexposed and the outside shown through the windows is overexposed. Five minutes in Adobe Bridge fixed the problem.

I headed to a bar along U Street after briefing stopping by the information table set up in front of the Ethopian restaurant Dukems. The bar was packed. I found a small spot off to the side of the stage where I could take some photos. It was another acoustic guitar player, the name escapes me. He played some slow tunes that I thought were pretty good. The lighting conditions were slightly better this time around, given I was not sitting directly in front of a window like last time.

Here’s a few that I took:



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