Adding your WordPress RSS feed to Hootsuite

This post is for WordPress users who use Hootsuite to promote their blog. So you created and customized your blog and now you want to publicize it. Twitter is the probably the best choice when promoting your blog’s content. I like using Hootsuite to manage my Twitter feed along with my LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. A nice feature of Hootsuite is being able to send out tweets automatically of your blog’s RSS feed. When a new post is published, Hootsuite will send out a tweet containing the title of the post and a shortened link. The best part is it’s all automated! You’re thinking, it sounds too technical. It can be very easy as long as you know what to do.

First, you need to determine the RSS feed of your WordPress blog. The fact that your blog is powered by WordPress is good news, because RSS feeds are already built into WordPress. There are four kinds of RSS feeds to choose from: RDF/RSS 1.o, RSS 0.92, RSS 2.0 and Atom. As long as your site doesn’t use custom permalinks, your RSS feed will be, for example for RSS 0.92: Keep in mind, not every kind of RSS feed will work in Hootsuite. The RSS feed must contain a timestamp for it to work. I have found the RSS 0.92 feed doesn’t work but the Atom feed does. Your site’s Atom feed would most likely be, for example:¬†

You have determined your blog’s RSS feed (with timestamp). Now open Hootsuite, go to ‘Settings’, and choose ‘RSS/Atom’. A small window will appear. Click on the square ‘+’ button near the top of the window to add a new feed. Cut and paste your blog’s Feed URL in the first box. Next choose the social network profile you want associated with the tweets. You’ll likely choose Twitter, but you could choose LinkedIn or Facebook instead. The “Check this feed for new posts every” ¬†option depends on how often you post and how often do you want to sent out tweets. I would choose “24 hours” unless you post multiple times during the day, then choose a smaller timeframe. Choose “1 post at a time” option for “When new posts are found, send up to” if you post just a few times during the day. I strongly recommend adding some text to the beginning of each tweet letting your followers know it’s a new blog post. To do that, just type something like “New Blog Post” under “Prepend text to each message…” option. Lastly, choose your shortener link format, I usually go with ‘’. It’s personal preference. Click Save and you’re done!

Say down the road you needed to temporarily stop automatically tweeting your new blog posts, just click on the ‘On’ button under the RSS/Atom window and it will switch to ‘Off’. Clicking on it again will switch it back. If you ever need to edit any of the settings, just click on the button that looks like a really small pencil, next to the ‘On’ button. If you want to stop tweeting new blog posts alltogether, click on the button with the trash symbol on it.

Setting up this feature in Hootsuite will save you a good chunk of time having to cut and paste the post’s URL into Hootsuite, type in the title and shorten the link. I hope you find this post useful. Any questions, comments, or suggestions please leave below in the Comments section.

Matthew Dailey

Web developer, photographer, and Photoshop user.