Boston on a cold winter day

I’ve been thinking about moving out of the Washington, DC area lately and go to a city on the east coast. The prime candidates are New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia. It really all depends on where I find a job. Although I am leaning towards Boston since I have family there.

While I was in Massachusetts during the holidays, I made a day trip to Boston. I wanted to check out some possible neighborhoods to live in, like the South End and the Back Bay. I took the commuter train in to North Station, then rode the subway to the Back Bay station.

It was the day before Christmas so the usual work crowd was non-existent. The lack of people out on the street was also due to the fact it was freezing outside. As I headed down Tremont Street going into the South End I wondered what I was doing outside on such a cold day. Thankfully as I headed back to the heart of downtown it started to warm up and the sun began to come out. I continued my walking through Downtown Crossing, stopped at Quincy Market for lunch and ended my picture-taking in the North End. I was impressed with myself on how far I walked with the temperature never going over 30 degrees.

Here are some of the photos I took:


I add a lens vignette effect to this photo of the Holy Cross Cathedral.


I liked how the morning sunlight reflected off the John Hancock Tower.


The shadows really add to the funnel shape of this photo.


I just like the peaceful nature of this photo and how the eye is draw to the middle of the photo with the clear sky on top and the ocean on the bottom.

The rest of the set can be found on Flickr here.

Matthew Dailey

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