Walking through the Boston Public Gardens

The Public Gardens is one of the most beloved parts of Boston, especially during the spring and summer. The area is a favorite for photographers. I took a stroll through the Public Gardens a few weeks ago while I was in town meeting a friend for lunch. The park features the famous Swan Boats, boats adorned with a wooden swan on each side. Some people confuse the Boston Common with the Boston Public Gardens. While the Boston Common is mainly open space that doesn’t have much botanical arrangements, the Public Gardens is more of a formal botanic garden.

The weather was great for taking photos. The glare from the hot summer sun was a potential problem. I had to be careful where I was standing so as not to get too much glare in my photos. A constant problem I have when taking pictures out in the sun. I managed to avoid that problem this time around.

Here are some of my favorites:






The Public Gardens have a timeless appeal. I love its 19 century feel and its beautiful layout. For the rest of the photos I took check out my Flickr set here.

Matthew Dailey

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