Checking out the Baxter Brewery

Microbreweries have been popping up around the eastern part of Maine alot in recent years. The majority of them seem to be clustered around the city of Portland. Baxter Brewery is one of the few microbreweries that’s not. It’s located in Lewiston, Maine, a former mill town that fell on hard times and is trying to come back.¬†Baxter Brewery was founded a little over a year ago in an old mill building and they are already expanding¬†beyond Maine to other parts of New England.

A friend at work alerted me to the existence of this new microbrewery. Naturally I made a point to visit it and take a tour over my Thanksgiving break while I was back in Massachusetts. The drive wasn’t too bad, two hours and 90 percent was highway.

The brewery is sort of hidden. There’s just a small wooden sign out front. If I wasn’t looking for the brewery I would have gone right by it.

Photo of the sign I took using the Instgram app on my iPhone:
Baxter Brewery sign

They only offer three tours a day and I managed to get there in time to catch the first tour of the day at noon. I figured since it’s not a very large operation, the tour shouldn’t last more than a half hour. It instead last a little over an hour. Our tour guide gave us the complete rundown of the beer-making process, almost too much detail. While on the way out I picked myself up a t-shirt and a 6-pack of their flagship brew, Pamola Extra Pale Ale.

Here’s some photos of the inner workings of the brewery, taken with my iPhone:

brewery tanks at Baxter Brewery
The photo above is another Instagram creation. I was very surprised on how well it came out and from an iPhone nonetheless.


And here’s a view of the old mill building that houses the Baxter Brewery along with other businesses:


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