Day trip to Newport

About a month back I took a day trip to Newport, Rhode Island. It was a heavy downpour while driving on the highway. The day didn’t start off right. It stopped raining and the skies began to clear up somewhat as I got close to the Newport city limits. I went with my sister and her family. We headed to one of Newport’s famous Gilded Age-era mansions, Rosecliff. It’s styled after the great palaces in Europe. A place where the wealthy vacationed. Photography was only allowed on the grounds, not inside. The photos I took of the outside of the mansion and the surrounding grounds I applied a yellowish split-tone effect to invoke a feeling of the forgotten glamour from the bygone era. I think I made it ambiguous enough where a person could interpret in different ways. The rest of the photos can be found on Flickr.




Matthew Dailey

Web developer, photographer, and Photoshop user.