To the top of the Empire State Building

Empire State Building is one of those places I had to check out no matter how touristy it might be. And man was it touristy. Before even heading into the lobby my friend and I were approached by a guy from “NY Skyride”. He tried to sell us some deluxe combo tickets that were double the regular price. Supposedly these tickets would allow us to bypass the long lines and head straight to the observation deck and take some simulator ride. I’m always skeptical of people standing on the sidewalk trying to sell me something. We decided to take our chances with the regular tickets and come to find out there was no wait. It took us about 15 minutes to go from the ticket booth to the observation deck. Very surprising. It sure did help that we went on a weekday afternoon in October.

Despite it being in the off-peak season, there was a good-size crowd milling around the observation deck. Most people trying to stick there cameras through the protective grates to snap photos of the city skyline. At the top of the grates, there were metal bars turned inward to prevent suicide jumpers. The views were awesome, despite it being a cloudy day.

I liked how the sun’s rays is coming out of the clouds:


I like the dramatic sky in this picture:


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