Getting rid of that annoying iTunes sound in Windows 10

There is a sound iTunes makes that when I first heard it I thought there might be something wrong with my computer. You know the annoying sound I’m talking about. It’s noticed when iTunes is newly installed. The sound is actually a system sound for when a page is finished loading in iTunes. If you’re like me and think it serves no purpose and wish to banish the sound forever, it’s fairly easy to do, if you know where to go.

This is how to get rid of the sound in Windows 10 (works for Windows 7 too). Naturally the first instinct is to go to the iTunes Preferences screen. That’s the wrong place. Since it is a system sound, go to Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Sound -> Change system sounds. In the small Sound window, scroll through the lists of system sounds and find ‘Page Load Complete’ under the iTunes heading. Click on the ‘Page Load Complete’ once so it’s highlighted. Choose ‘None’ from the Sounds dropdown menu. Click the Apply button, then click OK. The annoying iTunes sound is now gone.

Matthew Dailey

Web developer, photographer, and Photoshop user.