Google Analytics and WordPress

So you have your WordPress blog up and running, you’ve chosen a theme, added some menus, written a few posts, and customize it the way you want it. Now you’re wondering, “Is anyone visiting my blog?”

Years past, if you wanted to get information about visitors to your blog it required spending some money. Now there’s Google Analytics. Even though it’s free it has powerful features. Plus you don’t need to be a WordPress expert to add Google Analytics to your blog.

I came across a very helpful post  that provides clear, step-by-step instructions on how to add Google Analytics. I went the manual install route by inserting the Google Analytics script into the footer.php file. My reasoning is: a) It takes about a minute and b) It eliminates one less plugin from having to load every time someone visits your blog.

Matthew Dailey

Web developer, photographer, and Photoshop user.