Shortcut to Europe, Second Stop Italian Embassy

After visiting the British Embassy during the EU Open House, I had some extra time and made my way to the Italian Embassy that was right around the corner. The line to the Italian Embassy was quite long. I guess it was to make up for the complete lack of a line at the British Embassy. The wait wasn’t too bad, about 15 minutes until I was actually inside.

Here are some shots I took while I waited in line:



Inside the main room, built almost like an atrium with the large windows, they served food and not much else to do. I was made aware of an important anniversary for Italy:


In one of the side rooms they had a fully functioning cafe serving gelato, coffee, wine, and various snacks. I was tempted to get some wine but thought better of it. I settled on a cup of coffee. It was delicious. Everything you expect from an Italian cup of coffee, full of flavor and not too bitter.

The pictures I took of some of the side rooms came out okay. I didn’t find them that visually interesting. I headed outside to the front lawn where they had a selection of Italian-made cars including a Lamborghini. How awesome is that.

Who wouldn’t want to drive this car home:


As you can see the cars were a popular attraction:



Like the British Embassy, it was fun visiting the Italian Embassy but I wouldn’t make a second visit. You find the rest of my photos of the Italian Embassy on Flickr.

Matthew Dailey

Web developer, photographer, and Photoshop user.