Jetpack is a must-have WordPress plugin

With the sheer number of WordPress plugins available it can be difficult to choose which of those to install on a site. Too many plugins can slow down the loading of a website. Yet not installing enough necessary plugins can leave your site vulnerable. At a local WordPress meetup, I found out about Jetpack, a single plugin which contained many of the same useful features found on It’s no surprise given the company behind, Automattic,┬ádeveloped the plugin. It’s like getting five plugins in one. Part of how this plugin works is it links your WordPress install with your account.

There are some drawbacks to Jetpack. To access all of its features you have to pay. The free version is likely adequate if running a small personal website, although if you’re running a large commercial website upgrading to one of the paid plans might be necessary. Jetpack’s file size is on the large side compared to other plugins, then again having it reduces the need to install other plugins.

I was sold on Jetpack with its site monitoring and visitor stats, plus its flexibility of turning off any unwanted features. For more details and to download Jetpack, check out the official site.

Matthew Dailey

Web developer, photographer, and Photoshop user.