Learning more about George Washington the Mason – Part II

To continue from my previous post about my visit to the George Washington Masonic Memorial, I joined a guided tour that just started to make it’s way to the upper floors. The group had to split up and go into the two available elevators. The second level consisted of a series of small exhibits that focused on the different aspects of Washington’s life.

It looked like an old museum floor that hadn’t been updated for years:


The next floor was much more interesting. It had a biblical, Egyptian theme going:


Their replicia of the ark of the covenant:


The top floor before the observation deck resembled a small chapel:


I would say the highlight of the tour was walking along the observation deck. It was a clear and sunny day so the view was spectacular:


I could see downtown DC and National Harbor on the other side of the Potomac River, in addition to seeing all of downtown Alexandria of course.

After the guided tour was over I wandered around some of the hallways and got some interesting shots:



Overall, I had fun time and I was glad I finally got around to seeing this historical landmark. I didn’t solve any conspiracy theories but got some good photos. The rest of my photos can be found on Flickr as always.

Matthew Dailey

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