Lupines in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire

I’ve been working on various web design projects the last few months and haven’t had much time to post the photography I’ve done recently. Back in June, I went up to Sugar Hill, New Hampshire for the Lupine Festival. Lupines are purple flowers that grow wild in and around Sugar Hill. The town came up with the idea of a festival held once a year in June to coincide with the photogenic lupines blooming.

The town of Sugar Hill is in northern New Hampshire, close to the Vermont border and the White Mountain National Forest. It resembles an old-fashioned, idyllic New England town complete with a cheese store and famous pancake place, Polly’s Pancake Parlor.

Here’s a shot of the entrance taken by my iPhone’s Instagram app:

Polly's Pancake Parlor, Sugar Hill, NH

A person doesn’t have to work hard to get a great shot of the lupines or the beautiful countryside. It does help to do a little research online before heading to the festival, saves some time from driving around trying to find the handful of spots where the lupines are plentiful.┬áIf you live within a day’s drive and you’re a photographer, the Lupine Festival is a must-see.

Here’s a closeup of the lupines:


The weather cooperated. It was a beautiful summer day while I was there. I didn’t have to do much touching up of the photos. Some of the shots I had to bump up the saturation and the contrast, especially with the sky. The brightness of the daylight would wash out some of the sky’s blueness.

A wide shot of the lupines with mountains in the background:



And one where I created a sense of depth by focusing on a small group of lupines closest to me:


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