My trip to the Maine wilderness – Part 2

I wanted to share some photos I took of Sherman Farms during my trip to Maine during Fourth of July weekend. Sherman Farms was a 20 minute drive from the campground I was staying in, located in East Conway, New Hampshire near the Maine border. It’s one of those places I tend to stop at when I’m visiting my parents’ trailer in Maine. It’s run like an old-fashioned New England country store. Almost everything they sell comes from the premises. It’s not a gimmick to lure out-of-state tourists, but a real working farm. Sherman Farms allows people to walk around the farm buildings. Pigs, cows, and horses can be seen up close. One of their draws  is their banana milk. The only place I’ve seen sell such a thing. And their chocolate milk is really good too.

One of the farm buildings:

A milk cow:

Some pigs:

View of the greenhouses:

Matthew Dailey

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