Stopped by the Mattress Factory (art museum that is)

This is the first of a series of posts on Pittsburgh I will be doing for the next few days. Even though I was in Pittsburgh for a friend’s wedding, I had a whole day to do some sightseeing. In my previous visits to the Steel City I did the major tourist attractions, the Carnegie museums, Primanti’s, and the Andy Warhol Museum. This time I checked out a lesser-known contemporary art museum, the Mattress Factory.

Currently a big chunk of the museum is closed in preparation for an upcoming major exhibit, which was quite disappointing, but the admission was half off. It only cost me five bucks to get in and I felt I got to see more than five dollars worth of art.

There were two pieces involving old books that I didn’t know what to make of:



They had two rooms each with its own distinct theme, but both full of mirrors.



The room with the fluorescent lighting was very cool. The room with the mannequins made me feel like I was in some European art film from the 70’s.

The exhibit I found to be the most interesting and thought-provoking was this one:


It was an image of what looked like a cube when you stood far away. As you come closer, the optical illusion slowly disappeared. Very impressive.

While walking to the Mattress Factory I came across this quirky building and had to capture it in a photo:


The rest of my photos of the Mattress Factory and the surrounding neighborhood can be found here.

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