MiniSolos show at Touchstone Gallery

Touchstone Gallery had an awesome turnout for the opening reception of their MiniSolos show last Friday. I went to take photos for their Facebook Page as part of my Social Media Manager duties.

I showed up about thirty minutes into the event and the overflow crowd was spilling out into the sidewalk. The only other time that happened was during the grand opening of the gallery’s new location along New York Avenue. I wasn’t sure what kind of crowd to expect leading up to the MiniSolos opening reception. The crowds have been up and down for the last few opening receptions.

The crowd was a great mix of young and old. I saw many new faces, which I take as a good sign. For awhile I started to see some of the same faces at the opening receptions.

People generally didn’t seem to mind that I was taking pictures or they just didn’t notice. Sometimes I wish my camera didn’t beep every time I took a photo so as not to draw attention to myself. That should be a feature with Nikon cameras. The ability to turn off the beep temporarily, especially at these type of events.

This is a nice overall shot of the crowd from the vantage point of the director’s desk:


Here’s another good shot of the crowd, with a closer look of peoples’ faces:


This one of three people having a conversation I enjoy:


I like all of the different things going on in this photo:


Here is the overflow crowd when I arrived, just outside the entrance to the gallery:


You can check out the rest of my photos of the MiniSolos opening reception in this Flickr set. If you need a photographer at your next event, I’m available. Just send me an email to I offer very reasonable rates.

Matthew Dailey

Web developer, photographer, and Photoshop user.