National Harbor, Maryland

For the first six years living in the Washington, DC area I barely knew what National Harbor was. I used to confuse it with the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. A friend of mine was having a birthday party there a few years ago, so it forced me to find out where the place actually was, across the Potomac River from Alexandria.

I went to National Harbor a second time when my parents were visiting this past spring. Even though it was the end of March, it was really warm out. Par for the course in the DC area. Both times I’ve been to National Harbor I feel like I left the DC area and went on vacation. It caters to tourists and convention-goers. Everything seems a little too perfect and nice. It’s not a bad place to spend a few hours as long as it’s nice out.

I really enjoyed the ferry ride getting there. Here’s the point where we passed under the Woodrow Wilson Bridge:



This is the main plaza near the waterfront:



And of course the famous sculpture, The Awakening:


Matthew Dailey

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