No spaces between inbox preview text on iPhone

Trying to code emails to work across different email clients has been challenging enough, with each client having its own display issues. Now email designers have to contend with different email apps on a host of mobile devices, adding to the list of bugs coders deal with. The iPhone itself has its own bugs pertaining to viewing emails, which can vary depending on the model and iOS version.

I came across one particular bug regarding the the inbox preview text in the mail app that comes preinstalled, also known as Apple Mail. The inbox preview text contained no spaces between the words. I tested the email in the Gmail app on my iPhone and the spaces were there. I found a quick and easy fix. Insert a non-breaking space HTML character ( ) between each word in the preview text like this: Save 10 percent on our new product. Issue solved. I hope this can save someone some time when they encounter the same issue.

Matthew Dailey

Web developer, photographer, and Photoshop user.