Opening Reception for “Grasses” and “Nests With a Twist”

I stopped by the opening reception for two solo shows that began earlier this month at Touchstone Gallery, an artist-owned, Washington, DC-based art gallery. I volunteer part-time at the gallery as their social media manager. The two solo shows, Mary D. Ott’s “Grasses” and Janet Wheeler’s “Nests With a Twist”, had a spring-related theme. The crowd was slightly off from the previous opening reception in March. I blamed it on the unseasonably cold weather. It shouldn’t be in the high 40’s and low 50’s in April in Washington, DC. There was a surge of people about halfway through, then quickly dissipated.

I don’t think I was feeling it that particular night, photography-wise. I thought the shots I got were okay.

Here are a couple of the better ones:


I like the facial expression of one of the artists, Mary D. Ott (middle)  in this photo.


I like how this photo is divided into three parts. The small group to the right engaged in conversation, the man slightly to the right looking at the art and the two people on the left having a conversation.

For the rest of the photos I took, check out the Flickr set.

Matthew Dailey

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