TablePress export saving issue solved by increasing memory limit

At my work we needed to export some TablePress tables from one site and import them to another site. In the TablePress plugin if more than one table is selected to export the file format is automatically a zip file. The newly created zip file was corrupted. A likely cause was another plugin interfering with the saving of the export file. After deactivating a number of plugins still no success.
Since the site had accumulated a large amount of TablePress tables another possible cause was WordPress had reached its memory limit. Like many things in WordPress this can be easily increased. Go to wp-config.php in WordPress’s root folder. Add this line of code: define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '512M');. This can be done in php.ini too, however some hosting providers will not let you edit it. The amount the memory limit can be increased will likely depend on your hosting provider. For example WPEngine, my company’s hosting provider, has a maximum memory limit of 512MB. You might have to contact your hosting provider to have them increase the memory limit if going the wp-config.php route doesn’t yield results.

Matthew Dailey

Web developer, photographer, and Photoshop user.